At CrossFit Movida, with our 4 Pillar System, we are dedicated to helping individuals on the Sunshine Coast transform their:

1: Physique: Building a leaner, stronger, and athletic-looking body

2: Performance: Increasing your fitness and strength through various methods 

3: Flexibility: Increasing range of motion and the ability to move correctly – Pain-free

4: Frame of mind: Bulletproofing your mindset and redefining your outlook.

Through personalized fitness programs and a supportive community, we guide and coach our members on a transformative journey to look good, feel amazing, and reach their peak level. Our holistic approach focuses on sustainable lifestyle changes, empowering individuals to achieve long-term success in their health and fitness goals.


We understand we won’t be the right fit for everyone. Here is what we don’t do and the people we don’t serve.

👎Throw you in the deep in without knowing, practicing and understanding the fundamentals


👎Gym Selfie culture

👎People with big egos

👎People who don’t want to embrace community, a learning environment, and a growth mindset

👎People who don’t want to listen and be coached

👎People who want to follow their own program

👎People who are looking for a quick fix or overnight results


At CrossFit Movida, our philosophy is rooted in empowering individuals to unleash their true potential and live their best lives. We wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of building a strong and resilient body, cultivating a resilient mindset, and embracing a balanced approach to wellness. Our holistic approach goes beyond achieving a desired physique, optimal performance, and pain-free flexibility. We are dedicated to nurturing a positive mindset, fostering self-belief, and igniting a passion for personal growth. Through our tight-knit and supportive community, combined with expert guidance, we inspire individuals to overcome barriers, surpass limitations, and embrace a life filled with vitality and fulfillment. CrossFit Movida is committed to helping you look, feel, and perform at your absolute best.


Our philosophy is centered around an exhilarating training experience that defies the mundane. We believe in infusing fun and excitement into every session, ensuring our clients enjoy their fitness journey to the fullest.

At the heart of our approach is performance and skill-based training. We strive to push boundaries, continuously improving and mastering new skills. Our focus lies in expanding range of motion, enabling fluid and functional movements.

We emphasize mobility, stability, and flexibility as essential pillars of our philosophy. By prioritizing these elements, we promote overall physical well-being and reduce the risk of injuries. Recovery holds a key place, allowing for healing and strength building.

We embrace functional bodybuilding, combining strength training with functional movements for a balanced and functional physique. Our workouts are constantly varied, encompassing a diverse range of exercises that mimic real-life motions.

To optimize performance, we employ 3-month periodization blocks, breaking through strength and conditioning plateaus. This enables continual growth and progress.

Our philosophy extends beyond physicality. We seek to redefine mindsets, empowering clients to cultivate positivity, mental resilience, and personal growth.

Form and progression take precedence in our training, ensuring proper technique and a structured pathway to success.

Together, we foster an inclusive and supportive training environment, empowering clients to unlock their potential, achieve their goals, and live vibrant lives.


Our philosophy centers around the importance of nutrition for overall health and performance. We prioritize the quality of our food, recognizing the role of both macro and micronutrients in supporting well-being.

At least 80% of your diet should consist of nutrient-dense foods. These foods provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. We focus on whole, unprocessed options, emphasizing real food over packaged products.

Mindful eating and portion control play a significant role in achieving your desired body composition. We emphasize finding the right balance for sustainable progress and fostering a healthy relationship with food.

Sustainability and community support are fundamental to us. We prioritize locally sourced ingredients, promoting environmental responsibility and supporting local farmers and suppliers.

Our approach centers on long-term sustainable nutrition through habit building. We guide you in developing healthy eating patterns that can be maintained for a lifetime, avoiding fads and quick fixes.

Carbohydrates as essential energy for optimal performance. They are not the enemy; they fuel your body.

Evidence-based practices guide us, steering clear of diet trends and overnight results. We empower you to make informed choices for lasting health and well-being.

Together, we nourish your body with quality, whole foods, fostering sustainable nutrition practices for lasting results.

People First. Fitness Follows.

Most people who make resolutions to get fit or live a healthier lifestyle don’t follow through on their commitment. They can pay the gym membership, wear the right clothes, follow the right instagramers or listen to ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ on repeat, but without this ONE vital ingredient they will fail. To truly follow through on achieving our goals we need coaches and friends to guide, motivate and support us. Without it, people don’t stay accountable to the journey and they give up. We’ve all seen it a thousand times. From your very first interaction at CrossFit Movida you will find an inspiring community of people who are invested in your fitness journey from day one. You’ll find a family.

Why You’ll Love Training With Us

Tailored Fitness Programs

Every workout we offer is programmed and tailored specifically to your ability and fitness goals.

Specialised Coaching Every Session

Our professionally trained and expert coaches actively coach each class that you attend.

Multidisciplinary Functional Training

Our program uses functional movements that your body is naturally designed to do.

Friendship & Accountability

Our community is our greatest strength. You’ll make lifelong friends to help inspire, challenge and motivate you.

Free Online Workout Journal

Log your workouts, record your personal achievements and engage with other members through our smartphone app.

Dedicated Kids Area

You’re happiest when you’re fit and healthy, so don’t let parenthood hold you back from achieving your wellness goals.

Pro Shop

Grab your swag at our in-house Pro Shop! Stock up on supplies to support your workout before, during and after.

Free Resources

Access to exclusive nutrition and training information to help you get the best results from your workouts.

Quality Capped Class Sizes

We want you to get the attention you deserve every session and that’s why all our classes are limited to 20 members at a time.

Free Recovery Space Access

One of the perks of being a Movida member is free access to our beautiful Recovery Space. You get to enjoy an infrared sauna, compression boots, massage guns, yoga mats, herbal tea, and a relaxing diffuser.

Nutrition Coaching

Find out how eating well makes a huge difference to your results with expert nutritional coaching, advise and accountability from our coaches.

Meet The CrossFit Movida Team

Sunshine Coast Maroochydore CrossFit

Sam Laing

Co- Owner/Coach

Fitness was something that never came natural to Sam. He found his passion for fitness during his service in the Australian Army. He has been involved in CrossFit for over 9 years. Sam is on a continual journey to become a better version of himself everyday and strives to bring that out of everyone he trains.

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Isabella Vallejo

Co-Owner/Head Coach

Isabella strives to bring the best out of herself and test her physical and mental abilities through competitive training. Isabella has a real passion for helping people achieve their goals and improve their way of life. Isabella is also a competitive CrossFitter, she conquered all at the 2015 CrossFit Games under 17’s taking top spot on the podium.

number 1 CrossFit box

Hector Vallejo


Hector lives and breathes human movement. He loves helping people achieve their goals and showing them how fun CrossFit is. He has been doing CrossFit for over 7 years and been involved in competitive soccer for over 30 years.

Kelvin Campbell


Fran Vallejo


Jesse Buckley


Bruno Spaulonci


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