Are Your Current Beliefs Holding You Back?

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Are Your Current Beliefs Holding You Back?

We’ve all had past experiences and beliefs that have shaped us into who we are today otherwise we wouldn’t of learned and grown from them (hope so)

Anyway some beliefs we hold onto religiously, so religiously that we are not open for change or having an open mind for new thoughts or beliefs to creep in. This can be a good thing but it can also be a detriment.

What do I mean exactly? Take someone who has been overweight there whole life, from a kid to adulthood, that is all they have known for there WHOLE life – being overweight.

Along the way behaviors, thoughts and beliefs have shaped them to this day. Now some beliefs may be I have been like this forever, I have tried everything before, I am big-boned, it’s genetic, all beliefs that have either been shoved down your throat for many years or you just simply believe it yourself by telling yourself this.

Now it’s obvious how this could be a detriment to someone especially if they’re seeking a change, a change to improve, get fitter, eat and drink better choices and generally turn their health around BUT what will happen when the going gets tough or you don’t see results straight away, beliefs creep in, which is why it SO important to put those past beliefs in the past and open your mind to new beliefs.

What could those new beliefs be? I am not blaming my past, I am forging a new future. It’s my responsibility and I am the only person who can turn this around. It’s not my genetics, it’s my years of poor choices with food and exercise. Taking responsibility and creating new beliefs to move forward and see results.

Now this is a weight loss example BUT this applies to everything. The one we will see soon is COVID-19 destroyed everything but only because you let it, there was plenty of time for you to build something else. For example gyms closed down because they failed to pivot and adapt. (Believing it’s the current situation that brought you down)

Your business is failing but you choose not put in the time or ask for help. You believe it’s the market, or your competition or the demographic isn’t right (poor beliefs)

Everything is a belief and you will either hold onto it and it will be to your detriment or you will have an open mind, drop the baggage (beliefs) that pull you down and don’t move you forward, learn and invest yourself to build new ones that actually move you forward.

The choice is yours.

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