Discover The Importance Of Exercise For Kids

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Discover The Importance Of Exercise For Kids

Kids fitness is an important and special part of our program here at CrossFit Movida, we strive to create a program that is not just about sweat and exercise, but an educational, creative and fun class for kids aged 6-12.

So why should children exercise? Well here are our top 10 reasons!

  • Children who are active 45 minutes per day demonstrate lower rates of obesity.

  • Greater rates of activity in children have been associated with higher test scores in reading and math.

  • Physical (body) and cognitive (brain) development go hand-in-hand. While this continues for life, this relationship is most critical at a young age. When kids are active, their brain develops, allowing for new types of activity.

  • A play-based activity that requires a high degree of sensory input (sight, sound, touch, etc.) helps develop a broad array of skills that make physical activity more enjoyable later in life.

  • Frequent physical activity has been associated with improved behavior in the classroom and beyond.

  • It appears that active children are more likely to become active adults.

  • Aerobic activity has been shown to increase the size of essential brain structures and a number of neural connections.

  • Frequent activities requiring a high degree of balance and coordination have been associated with an improved emotional response.

  • Frequent exercise decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety in children.

  • Regular exercise with children promotes self-efficacy with regard to health and self-image.

The importance of making exercise fun and enjoyable for kids!

Ever remember what it was like as a child at school? Waiting for the game at the end of the class, or how fast time went in P.E playing games, having a go at long jump, high jump, shot put or competing against your friends in the 100m sprint? I bet you didn’t even notice it was also classified as ‘exercise’!

Building a healthy relationship with exercise is so important in the early ages of life, it teaches kids that exercise can be fun and done with your friends! It doesn’t have to be boring and serious, and the best bit is, it stays like this no matter what age you are at! 10,20,30,40,50, exercise with friends at CrossFit Movida is always exciting, different and fun!

I am sure that disrupting the peace and quiet offered by an iPad and kid-sized headphones is a hard sell. Taking time out of our already packed lives as adults to allow kids the opportunity to be active can feel like an uphill battle for just about everyone.

As you can see, however, exercise and frequent activity for kids is critical to their ability to develop into happy, healthy, active adults. In the end, it comes down to if you accept the challenge to set your child up for a healthier life.

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