Exercise or Rest? – Injury Rehab

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Exercise or Rest? – Injury Rehab

Whether you are an elite athlete or someone who trains daily, injury can pop up anywhere and anytime.

Our initial thoughts and actions during injury are PANIC, STOP, REST! Which is the body’s way of telling us something is wrong. The way we deal with it afterward is always going to be different compared to others. Why? Because of so many different factors such as:

– Your coach

– Your personality

– Your peers

– Your home, work and training environment

– Your Doctor/ Physio/Chiro/massage therapist

– Plus so many more!

Further down this page, we share our thoughts on how we deal with an injury here at CrossFit Movida.

Regular physical activity can help us recover quick and heal faster. It also decreases our chances of disease and injury. In fact, exercise may be nature’s best medicine.

We tend to think of exercise as something that helps us get fit and lose weight. Exercise has a vast range of healing influences on the body. Even influences that can help reverse genetic trends! It also improves our resiliency and immunity.

Whether you suffer from a broken leg or torn ligament, there are so many types of exercises for rehab. Building muscle, promoting blood flow, decreasing inflammation and increasing stability and balance. All from exercise to support and heal the existing injury.

At first stage of injury, we recommend resting for a few days till most inflammation passes. Using R.I.C.E formula (Rest, ice, compression and elevation) to support the injury. We then recommend seeing a physiotherapist to identify the injury so we can develop a rehab plan. After a few days off, we recommend coming into the gym doing movements excluding the injured area. When all inflammation has finally passed we bring back in normal movements one by one.

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