How doing CrossFit can actually save you money!

How doing CrossFit can actually save you money!

Crazy theory right?

Lemme explain

Let me be super transparent, CrossFit and other boutique style gyms are a lot more than a conventional gym

So starting on your new CrossFit journey you may or may not be in a little shock toward your new venture

Few weeks in, your body is sore as hell, you’re consumed by learning these different movements, trying to figure out the CrossFit jargon, working out which protein will help with recovery, what’s the best pre-workout remedy, do I need grips first or knee sleeves.

This is the discovery phase or finding your feet. Let’s fast forward a few more months, you’re accustomed to how the class runs, you have picked up many of the terminologies, you’re still working on progressing through your technique and movements but you’re starting to push in the classes and having those personal competitions with yourself.

Now you’re thinking how can I get better, so we look externally. Hmmm, I’m still going out on weekends, let’s try to reduce that for a bit, few weeks in performance increases. You look at your uber eats bill each week and it looks a bit steep, let’s try to reduce that and put it toward more nourishing foods, few weeks in performance increases. That cheeky couple of beers or wine each night has been replaced with a tea or water, few weeks in performance increases.

Soon, you’re looking at how to maximize time in the kitchen, you start buying bulk, prepping on weekends, and appreciated what a home-cooked meal can do for the body. Before you know it, the beers have been cut back, the uber eats becomes an occasion and the nights out become sleep-ins to recover for training the following week. At the time saving you heaps of $$$

We call this the shift in priorities, training, eating, and sleeping become the priority which in turn increases performance which in turn fuels your further actions to keep on improving.

But it all started with the speculation of thinking why am I committing to this more expensive program in the first place

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