Recover Faster From Sickness This Winter

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Recover Faster From Sickness This Winter

Day 1- Feeling congested and achy

Probiotic. Taking the healthy bugs daily can reduce cold symptoms by up to 50%. Probiotics helps to regulate your immune system’s inflammatory response. It reduces symptoms like sneezing and coughing.

Zinc- Taking zinc supplements shortens the duration of a cold by about three days. Take at least 80 milligrams over the course of a day. Start as soon as you notice symptoms and continuing until you feel better.

Day 2- You feel worse (but pretend your fine)

Sleep in. When you don’t get enough z’s, your immune system doesn’t work at best because it’s not getting all the fuel it needs. More sleep means more energy for your immune system so you can bounce back faster!

Don’t workout- Take a break from training. When your symptoms are at their worst, training won’t do you any good so take a nap instead.

Try turmeric. This yellow spice contains curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory. It can stop the virus or at least slow it down. Take a 1,000-milligram curcumin supplement twice daily for the duration of your cold.

Day 3- Worst days are over but still not 100%

Sweat it out. Come to the gym! Don’t go crazy hard! Come to move. Most cold viruses can survive only in temperatures around 98.6 degrees. A fever is your body’s natural way of killing a virus, and working out accomplishes the same thing. It’s best to exercise after you have rested from the worst days of your cold. Getting your heart rate up will promote healing throughout the body.

Press for relief. Acupuncture can affect levels of immune proteins known as interleukins. They help you fight viruses a day or two faster.

Day 4- Feeling normal but still congested.

Spot-treat symptoms. Avoid cold medicines. At worst, they can cause side effects like drowsiness or even heart palpitations. You will get quicker relief using two or more remedies that target a single specific symptom.

For a runny nose, for example, take a non-sedating antihistamine. For a cough, try tea with honey; Sweet tastes can be super-effective at suppressing a cough.

Get back into your gym routine- Restarting your exercise routine can help you get better. Boosting blood flow, oxygenating your tissues, and releasing symptom-relieving endorphins. Listen to your body and dial back the intensity of your workouts as needed.

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