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What Our Members Say

I really see progress from week to week – it doesn’t take too long, it’s pretty amazing! I really like working with Sam because he sees me working out almost on a daily basis, and then picks up my weaknesses and works on them.


The best thing about working with Sam is that I think that Sam has gotten to know me both personally and from a gym perspective. He knows what I don’t like to do – and he makes me do them, which is good. He pushes me and he makes me work really hard, but also very genuine, and I couldn’t speak more highly of Sam. I think, out of many coaches that I know, I think Sam understands the body and injury really well and it’s definitely shown results for me. Read more


Well I only started CrossFit probably like a year ago, so overall I just wanted to get a lot stronger and leaner. And also sort of refine some skill work and get my first muscle ups and that sort of thing. A lot of skill-based stuff and working on technique to refine. Yeah, I have heaps of fun the whole time.


What Our Clients Say

A very big thank you to Sam, Bella and Hector, the kids had an amazing time and absolutely loved it.
The atmosphere and friendliness of everyone is amazing.So again thank you

Cass Johnston

I love training here. I learn something new every single session from the patient & knowledgeable coaches. Hector, Bella & Sam are friendly, welcoming and encouraging. Highly recommend 🙂

Emilie Higgins

I am just about to finish my 4 week kick start course at Crossfit Movida and I knew from the first week id be signing up as a permanent member. From the start I was made to feel very comfortable with a phone call
from Bella where she got to know a few details about me and what I wanted out of joining them. I was very nervous as I had never done cross fit before or ever really been a gym goer. Both Bella and Sam have continued to support me in and out of sessions, building my knowledge and confidence. All of the members are very supportive too, encouraging each other throughout the classes. Crossfit Movida is a very welcoming and positive place to train and I can’t wait to keep learning and building with them! Read more

Emily Kennedy

This is an awesome new box! The trainers/owners are so welcoming and made me feel at home, especially after traveling for over 8 months stopping at so many boxes!

Dyon Tran