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What Our Members Say

I’ve been going to CrossFit for five months and absolutely loving it. I find it is one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise I’ve ever done ’cause it’s always different – challenges you in so many ways. It’s not just doing weights, it’s not just doing cardio. It’s just a mix of movements and different excercise that you do everyday that makes it worth coming back to every time.


Movida Family Member

I work pretty hard most of the day and since I’ve been training here at CrossFit Movida, I’m finding it a lot easier to do the job. I’ve had such fairly extensive operations on my knee just to remove cartilage. I would regularly get a sharp pain because I don’t have that lateral cushioning in there anymore. But since I’ve been training here it hasn’t happened once. Not even when I’ve been a little careless at work and moved to the side. And that on it’s own is fantastic. Read more


Movida Family Member

My experience at CrossFit Movida has been amazing. The coaches are next level. When I joined CrossFit Movida, I didn’t expect the encouragement and the support from the coaches and the rest of the community. It’s just been amazing and I’ve been getting PBs pretty much every week. Definitely try it, especially here at CrossFit Movida. Even come in for a trial. You definitely won’t look back. It’s really, really good. Read more


Movida Family Member

What Our Clients Say

We visited crossfit movida over our 4 day stay on the sunny coast. What an awesome box! Bella, Sam, Steve and Hector made us so welcome! Highly recommend Crossfit Movida – we will most definitely be back! Read more

Kirsten Mckessar

Having never done CrossFit before, I didn’t know what I was in for. But Sam and Bella have made it so easy to learn. Their patience, enthusiasm and passion to educate are 2nd to none. I would
thoroughly recommend this box to both beginners and the experienced as you won’t be disappointed. Read more

David Scullion

Best group of people to train with, amazing trainers and so sad I had to move away! can highly recommend to anyone who’s new to crossfit and wants to give it a go just like I did, 100% worth it!

Shanae Hodge

Great facility and the coaches are very welcoming and knowledgeable. Will definitely be visiting again

Max Harvey