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What Our Members Say

Since I was referred to CrossFit by my chiropractor, it’s the best thing that I ever did and it’s given me drive, it’s given me ambition and it’s made my body feel, in one month, I’ve come a long way the way my body feels and my recovery and mental state from day-to-day is just unexplainable how good I feel with the achievements and how comfortable I feel coming to CrossFit. You know, you go through stages wherein the mind plays tricks. Can I keep doing this? Is it out of my reach? But Sam and Bella at every step have helped me, given me the confidence to progress and improve and I just can’t wait for the journey that lies ahead.
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Movida Family Member

I’m learning new stuff every week, but one of the most memorable so far would be a bar muscle up, definitely. It is a great way to meet new people outside your friends’ circle. Your fitness will go completely through the roof. Just a whole family environment that is for everyone to enjoy.


Movida Family Member

I was mainly worried about the people, and not making friends, and everybody not being as friendly as I thought they would be – which I shortly found out that everyone’s very friendly, especially the coaches Sam and Bella. The coaches were just super happy getting you where you needed to be and that’s when I realized it was for me. I achieved quite a bit in terms of mental state of health – I was a bit sad a little bit, but then coming in and seeing everyone’s happy face and achieving things that used to be able to do physically that I can do again, thanks to the magnificent coaches and again the people and everything. Read more


Movida Family Member & Coach

What Our Clients Say

Hands down best box on the sunshine coast!! Coaches are motivating and passionate which makes training that much better..
The box is massive with the best equipment.. and everyone is so welcoming!!
Best place
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Tegan Francis

I love it here, surrounded by positive patrons really pushing their own goals and always encouraging a team feel. A1 coaches and a real family vibe. At CF Movida you get to stretch your own limits with unwavering dedication from Sam & Bella. Challenge and grow yourself and give it a go. You’ll be hooked. Read more

Rob Jenner

I have been going to Crossfit Movida for 4 weeks now and I love it. Sam and Bella are an amazing duo, who offer so much support, feedback and advice. Don’t let their age fool you, they know their stuff and are dedicated for you to see results and hit goals. Keep up the amazing work, you guys rock! Read more

Diane Andrell

Bella & Sam are fantastic coaches and give so much encouragement and positivity! Movida is the sunny coasts newest box which is fully equipped with everything crossfit – it’s a big airy box with opening from the front and back to help cool down after a super sweaty session!!! There is always some creative addition such as a monthly achievements board, a Movida Family Polaroid Photo Board, SMART goals, mindset workshops, bring a friend day etc! They are organised, inspiring and well programmed. Each session can be progressed or scaled and every movement is thought about from the foundation! I’ve been doing crossfit for nearly a year and have tried various training styles but the crossfit is the best to go which keeps you functional, FIT and strong with actual results!!! The Open Gym 3 hour slot gives shift workers a perfect reason to train with no excuses even if it’s a short workout such as The Gasser or Gainer or just spending some time on mobility in the mobility and stretch room which also has mini programs each week! THANK YOU for creating a box with passion! Love Sof xxx Read more

Sofia Zanone