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Movida Family Members

Not being a gym person, just the apprehension of what to expect, will I be able to do the things I see people do.. Read more

Dave and Dani
Movida Family Members

I was mainly worried about the people, and not making friends, and everybody not being as friendly as I thought they would be – which I shortly found out that everyone’s very friendly, especially the coaches Sam and Bella. The coaches were just super happy getting you where you needed to be and that’s when I realized it was for me. Read more

Movida Family Member & Coach

I’m learning new stuff every week, but one of the most memorable so far would be a bar muscle up, definitely. It is a great way to meet new people outside your friends’ circle. Your fitness will go completely through the roof. Just a whole family environment that is for everyone to enjoy.

Movida Family Member

Since I was referred to CrossFit by my chiropractor, it’s the best thing that I ever did and it’s given me drive, it’s given me ambition and it’s made my body feel, in one month, I’ve come a long way the way my body feels and my recovery and mental state from day-to-day is just unexplainable how good I feel with the achievements and how comfortable I feel coming to CrossFit. Read more

Movida Family Member

My experience at CrossFit Movida has been amazing. The coaches are next level. When I joined CrossFit Movida, I didn’t expect the encouragement and the support from the coaches and the rest of the community. It’s just been amazing and I’ve been getting PBs pretty much every week. Definitely try it, especially here at CrossFit Movida. Read more

Movida Family Member

What Our Clients Say

Great gym
Nice to train in a relaxed yet motivating environment! The trainers are professional and always pay close attention to give advice for correct technique

Chelsea Jae Comollatti