The Real Progress Test

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The Real Progress Test

The different types of tests used to measure diet and exercise progress.


Skinfold test

Body fat/Muscle mass scans (DEXTA)

Fitting into your favourite jeans again

Girth measurements (waist, tricep, etc)

Before and after photo

Hydrostatic weighing (underwater)


And many many more!

There are so many ways you can test if your health and fitness are progressing. But, there are at least one of these common components that these tests don’t take into consideration:

Consistency with how and who Is measuring you. Such as the “time of the month” for women, whether you have eaten breakfast or drunk 1 litre of water!

Other factors include:

Muscle, extra skin from previous weight loss, inflammation, height and time of wake up.

Health and fitness as being all about numbers and measurements is not a healthy way to look at it.

It is also how mental illnesses start with diet and exercise. Developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise is SO important. It shouldn’t be about finding a reason why you should eat well and exercise. It should be as simple as health and longevity.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Fitness is the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task. The ultimate test is by FEELING! Feeling healthier, lighter, happier, energized, vibrant, strong and fit. That is what health and fitness is right? Feeling physically, mentally and socially well and able!

Change the way you think about diet and exercise. Fat loss and muscle gain will come. Results don’t happen overnight.

Develop a healthy relationship with diet and exercise. You will be on another level of happiness, fulfillment and health and fitness!

How is your health and fitness?

Take the Fit Test to see if we can help you!

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