Why it is not as complicated as we all think.

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Why it is not as complicated as we all think.

Is eating the right foods or training really that complicated? Ask yourself why we as humans try to steer away from the simple concepts and make it complicated, Why? Because we think too much. It really comes down to that. We all have different reasons for stepping inside the gym, maybe it’s to lose 5kg, to gain 5kg or you just need a kick start to get your ass into gear. Regardless of what your goal is, the journey to get there doesn’t have to complicated. It’s not necessarily going to be easy, it may even be hard but it certainly doesn’t have to complicated.

We have a tendency as humans to pick the fanciest diets or the new training craze which we think will be the magic bullet but we forget the main principles: moving the body more regularly and eating less unhealthy and more healthy nutrient dense foods. Is filling your plate with a good amount of quality protein, nutrient dense carbohydrates and heathy fats really that complicated? Chicken thigh, broccoli, green beans and half an avocado, not a difficult concept right? Then why do we complicate it? Because we think about it too much, we try to add in or take out too much when really all we should be focusing on is maintaining the right balance of macronutrients.

Is it really that hard to roll out of bed, put on your training gear, have a coffee and head to the gym? Why do we pause for that moment and think, i’m really comfortable in bed, i’m tired, i’m sore, it’s too cold or wet outside, i’ll just go tomorrow. Because we gave ourselves the opportunity to think, and think too much. We just made up a story in a heads that convinced us why we shouldn’t go to the gym, so how do we fix that? Don’t think!! Just get up, you know just as well as I do how amazing you will feel after your gym session and you always look back and say “I’m glad I got my ass out of bed”

So in conclusion, don’t think, just do it. You already know what to do and if you’re ever unsure then there is definitely no shortage of information in this world. Ask your trainer or someone in the field who knows what they’re talking about. Enjoy the journey, there will be bumps in road, if there wasn’t then it would be easy and everyone would be doing it. And remember good things take time.

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