Why Shoulder Health is Deteriorating

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Why Shoulder Health is Deteriorating

Now before I get into it. This is my personal opinion, beliefs and is all drawn from the people I interact with, work with and what I’ve experienced in the past and present.

My biggest belief on why shoulder health is deteriorating is due to our lifestyle. Technology is a culprit.

With a new generation growing up with smartphones, iPads and the likes no wonder our posture is suffering. The slumped over position of watching and texting is reeking absolute havoc on our thoracic spine (upper to mid back).

It’s creating a rolled forward position of the shoulders, thus creating undue pressure through the front of the shoulders and chest. The thoracic spine is left unengaged and can’t function the way it should.

To add to the deterioration, we now drive everywhere, walk less, sit down more, stand less. A sedentary lifestyle with poor posture is a massive player in the deterioration of our shoulder health.

What affects is this poor position going to have on us?

First thing, you’re physical training is going to suffer. Trying to get into overhead positions without mobility through the thoracic spine is asking for trouble. Trying to force yourself into a position you Number 1: Can’t get into and Number 2: Are not ready for. That is just asking for injury.

Not only overhead positions, but any position which requires upright posture (think deadlift) is going to suffer also.

Your breathing is going to be affected. Your rib cage will be depressed therefore cannot expand properly when taking a full breath of air. This will also affect how you sleep and how you digest food.

A constant rolled position is going to lead to chronic pain, fatigue and tension, UNLESS you do something about. I am not talking about getting a massage. I am talking about actively doing something about it. The first call would be to see an allied health profession. i.e an exercise physiologist.

You can even start to do things at home like buying yourself a Crossover Symmetry kit. This is the BEST thing I have ever done for my shoulders. Take it from me, I have had two shoulder reconstructions and Crossover Symmetry has made my shoulders BULLETPROOF. Check them out here: https://crossoversymmetry.com.au/

And a good place to start is by activating and rolling out the thoracic spine. Check out our facebook video here: https://bit.ly/2XjdPzp

I hope this helps.

Hit me up if you have any questions 🙂

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