Transform your Physique, Performance, Flexibility & Frame of Mind

With our 6-Week Summer Transformation

Learn how to build a leaner, stronger, and athletic body.


Increase your fitness and strength through various methods.


Increase range of motion and the ability to move well pain-free.

Frame of mind

Bulletproof your mindset and redefine your outlook.


Weeks 1-6

Transformation Phase

All new members will kick-start their new journeys with an epic transformation whilst your motivation is soaring.

Depending on the level of accountability and individual requirements you can choose from:

A: 2 x PT/week “The Chief Package”
B: 1 x PT/week “The Hybrid Package”
C: Group Training Package

*All PT packages include unlimited group training

Week 6 onwards

Continuity Phase

After you’ve achieved an awesome result from the transformation phase this is where we sustain that result. We solidify your habits and routines around training and lifestyle for the long term.

You can stay on your previous package or drop down to another package that suits your situation.


Step 2

Come into the gym

We will show you around the gym so you can get a feel for the culture. We will dive deeper into what success looks like for you and map out a game plan to get you there.

Step 3

Choose your transformation package

Taking action and striking while the iron is hot. Choose from:

A: 2 x PT/week “The Chief Package”
B: 1 x PT/week “The Hybrid Package”
C: Group Training Package

Step 4

Evaluate your success and continue with our continuity phase

After the 6-week transformation phase, you can choose one of our continuity packages to maintain your results for the long term.


  • 2 x 45 min fundamentals sessions to learn the movements of CrossFit so you feel confident (included in all packages).
  • Individual coaching for your nutrition.
  • Weekly accountability from your own coach.
  • Unlimited group training.
  • Unlimited use of recovery room (sauna, compresions + more).


  • Time-poor individuals who are wanting to change their physique, performance, flexibility, and frame of mind
  • Those who know they truly haven’t reached their full physical and mental potential
  • Those who have tried big chain gyms and other functional fitness facilities with little to no success OR those who are brand new to fitness
  • Those who don’t have much mental space to figure it out on their own and want professionals to take care of it
  • Those who have tried every DIET under the sun and nothing seems to stick
  • Those who want to fall in love with their training again
  • Those who want to be part of more than just a community, but a deep-rooted culture with zero ego and judgement
  • Those who are willing to commit to a long term change and take full ownership of their health and fitness