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Sunshine Coast's Functional Training & Transformation Centre
Regardless of your CrossFit or training experience, our welcoming and loving coaches will teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit so you can transform your physique, performance, flexibility & frame of mind so you can feel great, look amazing and be at your peak level.

Learn how to build a leaner, stronger, and athletic body.

Increase range of motion and the ability to move correctly – Pain-free

Increase your fitness and strength through various methods

Frame of mind:
Bulletproof your mindset and redefine your outlook.

Do you feel like you're not reaching your true potential?

You’ve tried commercial gyms and functional gyms in the past but just haven’t felt like they ‘get you’. You feel like it’s always a one size fits all approach but it doesn’t fit exactly what you need. Does this sound familiar?

There’s so much out there and so much information that it all becomes too confusing. Not having the right environment and supportive people around you who get you and understand your individual needs could be the one thing that is truly holding you back from hitting your true potential.

There’s nothing worse than letting months and years go by and watching your body getting softer, your joints getting weaker, your fitness getting worse and your mindset becoming negative.

If you want to truly reach your full potential that you know is in you deep down, then take action, strike while the iron is hot, and commit to one of our life-changing transformation programs.

We do this by teaching you the fundamentals of moving, fueling, and recovering the body – Simply and sustainably.

What you will learn at Movida

  • How to move correctly – pain-free

  • What to eat
  • When to eat
  • How much to eat
  • How to change your outlook
  • How to recover your body
  • How to fall in love with training again
  • How to perform at a high level
  • How to transform your physique

No Risk Fitness - Guaranteed Results

We’ve got the perfect program for you regardless of your current experience or fitness goals. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because at CrossFit Movida we’ve raised the bar for functional training with unique programs that all deliver an amazing workout. That’s our guarantee!!!


Step 2

Come into the gym

We will show you around the gym so you can get a feel for the culture. We will dive deeper into what success looks like for you and map out a game plan to get you there.

Step 3

Choose your transformation package

Taking action and striking while the iron is hot. Choose from:

A: 2 x PT/week “The Chief Package”
B: 1 x PT/week “The Hybrid Package”
C: Group Training Package

Step 4

Evaluate your success and continue with our continuity phase

After the 6-week transformation phase, you can choose one of our continuity packages to maintain your results for the long term.

What Our Amigos Say!

We Are Here To Make Everyday A Personal Best, Inside And Out

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Our Ultimate Guide To Stay
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