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What Our Members Say

Well I only started CrossFit probably like a year ago, so overall I just wanted to get a lot stronger and leaner. And also sort of refine some skill work and get my first muscle ups and that sort of thing. A lot of skill-based stuff and working on technique to refine. Yeah, I have heaps of fun the whole time.


The best thing about working with Sam is that I think that Sam has gotten to know me both personally and from a gym perspective. He knows what I don’t like to do – and he makes me do them, which is good. He pushes me and he makes me work really hard, but also very genuine, and I couldn’t speak more highly of Sam. Read more


I really see progress from week to week – it doesn’t take too long, it’s pretty amazing! I really like working with Sam because he sees me working out almost on a daily basis, and then picks up my weaknesses and works on them.


What Our Clients Say

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